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The art of mindfulness and just "being"

It's a peaceful Thursday afternoon and out of my window I can see the world moving. The leaves of the trees are dancing in a light summer breeze and from afar I can hear lively children's laughs. It's an August afternoon in Scotland and the children have been enjoying the good weather filling the air with their care free aliveness.

Opposing to the calmness of my surroundings my mind has been racing in high speeds today, trying to find a topic which is going to open my blog. My first post, such a big deal, an Armageddon of negative emotions, fear and self criticism. I need to be perfect, PERFECT, perform, teach, show, run and do a little performance dance for my "audience". Stress, stress, stress and all those gut wrenching "what Ifs" with the biggest what If on the base of It all "What If I am not good enough".

Then I take a slow deep breath and allow It to fill my lungs with cool, fresh oxygen. I slow down. What If instead of trying to perform, allow myself to be seen exactly as I am. Right here, now, in this very moment, just be.

What would It take for you in this present moment to stop, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be exactly where you are. Can you feel your fears, in what places in yourself do you need to perform, what parts of yourself do you hide in shame? What is It that stops you from "seeing" yourself in all your perfect imperfection. What stops you from feeling the beat of your beautiful heart that is so deeply connected to the universal beat of the earth?

Chasing perfection feels like chasing feathers blowing in the wind, yet most of us are told from a young age that perfection and performance are the only ways. And we believe It, internalise It and start chasing those feathers until we drive ourselves exhausted physiacally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So today I invite you, in the midst of whatever It is your are chasing throughout your day, to stop, take a deep breath and connect to your heart. Bring presence to this very moment, allow your heart to just "be". Because she is perfect..

Have a good evening.

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